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R - Rugby

S - Sluts

Aliquem   Alicubi   Aliqua Tempore
IRS Rugby Football Club
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New Zealand

Scotland, England, Wales




United Arab Emirates



The Club with the shortest constitution in the world

Be it Resolved



All members of the IRS shall be willing to play for anyone, anywhere, anytime as the demands of the game require.

You know who you are ... You know what you are. You wander the sidelines, boots in hand mumbling, "Are you guys short?" You have never had to wash your shirt because you're always playing in somebody else's. You don't keep score... hell you don't know whether you won or lost so why would it matter. Every team needs you... sooner or later. Take heart, you're not alone. Join a growing fraternity of players who have expanded their horizons and cast aside the restraints of allegiance to dedicate themselves to the game of Rugby Football, for a game and only a game.

The IRS Rugby Football Club crosses all club, union, and international boundaries to unite a unique individual ready to answer the call from anyone, anywhere, at anytime; or as or motto translates to Latin:


Aliquem Alicubi Aliqua Tempore

You will never again have to answer to any criticism for playing with a visiting club against your own. The phrase "I'm a Rugby Slut," will say it all. And what better way to even the score with that twit who's been stomping all over your feet at practice for years.

Become a soldier of fortune and feel the freedom with the mother of all clubs, the International Rugby Sluts Rugby Football Club

IRS features include:

  1. information on upcoming tours with point of origin, destination, dates, contacts;

  2. information on upcoming tournaments;

  3. internet home page;

  4. tournament information and updates;

  5. news from the world of rugby.


Click to download the form:
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I, _________________________________, hereby apply for membership with the INTERNATIONAL RUGBY SLUTS RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB, and in so doing, swear to abide by the constitution of the aforementioned Club. The only resolution of the Club being that its members will play the game of Rugby Football for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime as the demands of the game require.

Signed: _____________________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________
Phone: ________________________
Fax: __________________________
E-mail: ________________________
Present Rugby Club(s) ____________

For membership card, newsletter, and catalogue of Club gear, please forward application with $20 Canadian funds to:

IRS Rugby Football Club,
P.O. Box 4603,
Nanaimo, B.C.
V9R 6E8


(copy as required)


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